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$45.00 per hr. per bartender

Our bartending service includes Bartender(s), ice, bar set-up and break down, drink garnishes, drink straws, drink napkins and plastic ware.  Specific attire can be requested, i.e. formal, color specific and occasion specific. Drink mixers can be provided upon request.  This service should also be paired with the alcohol catering and cash bar packages. 

*75 Guest per Bartender

Alcohol Catering

packages starting at $7.50 per guest

Coalesce Liquor Providers can accommodate any event, small or large. Our alcohol catering services allow clients to relax and provide elegant alcohol service for any occasion.


We provide several options we classify as alcohol catering.  We offer a per guest package option, the per guest package option could include a choice of beer & wine or a full bar package that can include beer & wine.  Specific cocktail options can also be customized. 


Our full bar option offers several different selections of alcohol, a standard selection as well as a premium selection. A full bar offers standard or premium Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Rum & Whiskey, all options can be revised.  A full bar includes ice, bar set-up and break down, drink garnishes, mixers, drink straws, drink napkins and plastic ware. 


Our cash bar option will only require the client to be responsible for the bartending service cost if your guests spend the minimum cash amount agreed.  A cash bar includes standard or premium Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Rum & Whiskey, ice, bar set-up and break down, drink garnishes, mixers, drink straws, drink napkins and plastic ware.  The minimum cash bar amount is based on alcohol selections and guest count.


Coalesce Liquor Providers can provide a LED light-up portable bar for events and venues that do not have a formal bar. Glassware for any event can be provided upon request.  Water and soda service can be added to any package.  A champagne toast can be added to the bar and bartending packages.

*All alcohol catering packages include: bar set-up & break-down, ice, drink garnishes, napkins and straws, mixers (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, OJ, Cranberry Juice, Tonic Water, & Soda Water) and plastic ware


*Bartenders must be added to the house bar, mid bar and cash bar packages


*Any and all packages, brands, services and selections are always negotiable and can be customized

Alcohol Delivery & Set Up

starting at $20 per delivery

Our delivery service allows clients to select their choice of alcohol to be delivered to their location.  Our delivery & setup service allows the client to provide Coalesce Liquor Providers with a detailed inventory of alcohol to be purchased and delivered on the clients behalf to the clients location. The delivery & setup option also includes setup of the alcohol for self-service.  The delivery & setup option includes ice, bar-setup, drink napkins, drink straws and plastic ware. 

Bulk Alcohol Shopping

starting at $15

Our bulk alcohol shopping service accommodates clients that have a need for large quantities of alcohol.  This service allows the client hassle free shopping and transportation of large quantities of alcohol and ensures availability of stock.

Out Of Inventory Retrieval

per request

Our out of inventory retrieval service accommodates clients that are in need of an alcohol product that may not be available in stores and or stock that may be regional or seasonal.  Coalesce Liquor Providers will travel to obtain a product that may not have the ability to be shipped.

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